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Auction Service Fee

Item Price
Auction service Fee
up to JPY10,000
JPY 300
JPY10,001 - JPY50,000
3% of Item Price
JPY50,0001 over
2% of Item Price
Other Fees
Service Fee
Auction service
Bank and Domestic Shipping fees
JPY 300 or more
Paypal fee
 If you won an Italvolanti used steering 37φ @5,750JPY & a MOMO used steering @ 2,500JPY from different sellers and have us to ship it to Malaysia by EMS, the total cost would be as follow.
 Auction Price: 8,250JPY (5,750JPY + 2,500JPY)
 Agent Fee: 300JPY (minimum)
 Bank and Shipping fees: 1,500JPY (Two different sellers)
 EMS fee: 3,500yen (if the gross weight is between 2.0kg to 2.5kg)
 Paypal fee: 677JPY
 TOTAL: 14,227JPY


  • You wiil receive an invoice from USS with an Excel spreadsheet which shows a breakdown list of all charges, such as an agent fee, service fees listed above & EMS (an international shipping fee).
  • The minimum bank and shipping fee is JPY500yen. If bank and shipping fees in Japan go over JPY500, we will let you know of an amount in an invoice. the excess amount will be charged separately whatever it is.
  • Above case generally happens when an item is heavy or the location of the seller is far from Tokyo, a cash on delivery, etc.
  • If you accept a quote and agree to pay it, a PayPal money request will be sent to your email.
  • If an EMS fee is over an estimated amount in the invoice, we will ask an additional deposit via PayPal.
  • Paypal fee is charged on par payment.
  • When it's cheaper to send money by Telegraphic Transfer (T.T.) than by Paypal due to the Paypal charge to your total amount, we accept payment by T.T.(bank wire transfer). Please contact us if you prefer T.T.

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