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Auction Service: Successful Bid


3. Successful Bid

In the case of successful bid, we will send you "Successful Bid" email that contains the result of auction, the final price of your items and discount price (in the case that the closing price goes under our maxmum budget).

In the case of unsuccessful bid, we will send you "Unsuccessful Bid" email and we will proceed to refund of your deposits. You will receive a "Notice of Refund" email from USS and Paypal.

successful bid
Can I rise my maximum after sending payment to USS?

Sometimes, biddings are vying from the early stage of the auction and prices go beyond your initial maximum leaving a few days to the auction close date. If you are determinded to compete and win the auction item for your own, you can rise your maximum. Please email us with your new maximum on 48 hours before the auction is closed. We will immediately issue a payment request form by Paypal after confirming your request. In ordr for us to continue yor auction bidding, please complete your payment 24 hours before the auction is closed.

This option does not guarantee your successful bid.

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