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2. Online shopping order to USS

Please send us an Order Form. After accepting your order, we will send you a "payment email" by using "Paypal" to your registered email address. After your payment has been confirmed, we will immediately start purchasing your items.
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Click above logos to see "What is Paypal".
If you would like to cancel your order, please email us before we start purchasing your items. We may not be able to cancel your order if the shop does not accept any cancellation.
Is there anything I should do before placing a purchase order?
We recommend you create your Paypal account, if you do not have one, before placing an order. Paypal enables you to make your payment fast and safely online. It is owned by ebay and most ebay users prefer to send and receive money by Paypal. Sometimes, It's difficult for us to accept your order due to an auction closing date. To avoid missing your auction bidding, please be prepared for your bidding.
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