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Yahoo Auctions! Categories

This is an ultimate distination for people who want to bid and buy Japanese used car parts from outside of Japan. We, Urban Shipping Service, provide bidding service for customers of Japanese car parts imports. Followings are sub categories of Japanese car parts provided by Yahoo Auctions Japan.

Car Parts Japanese English
  Suspensions Suspensions
  Tower bars/Roll bars Tower bars/Roll bars
  Brakes Brakes
  Aero / Exterior Aero / Exterior
  Lights Lights
  Door mirrors Door mirrors
  Interior Interior
  Audios Audios
  Steerings Steerings
  Security Security
  Accesory/ shift nob Accesory/ shift nob
  Clutch/Mission/Def Clutch/Mission/Def
  Computer Computer
  Engine Cooler/Supercharger Engine Cooler/Supercharger
  All parts All parts (for narrow down)
 More coming up soon!
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