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International Shipping Method

Choose shipping company

Normally, we use EMS for shipping. However, we use Yamato Transport and other Courier services to deliver products to countries where EMS has been suspended due to COVID-19.
Service Size & Weight Fees

(Express Mail Service)

The fastest and most reliable shipping method.
  - Delivery Time: 2 - 6 days(depending on region)
  - Track & Trace: available on website
  - Insurance included up to 20,000yen (up to 1,000,000 upon request)

Common Size & Weight Limits
  Length: 1.5m or less
  Length + Circumference: 3m or less
  Maximum Weight: 30kg (Weight limits vary by country)
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  Quote will be made based on EMS shipping if a shipping method is not specified by a customer.
Service Size & Weight Fees

Yamato Transport
Alternative method

One of the major shipping company in Japan. The reliable shipping method.
  - Delivery Time: 3 - 7 days(depending on region)
  - Track & Trace: available on website

Common Size & Weight Limits
  Length(Total of 3 dimensions): 60cm to 160cm
  Maximum Weight: 25kg (Weight limits vary by country)
  Total of the length, width and height is within 160cm and weight is within 25kg

Fees Window will open

Shipping Countries

china  China hongkong  Hong Kong india  India israel  Israel
korea  Korea malaysia  Malaysia singapore  Singapore taiwan  Taiwan
thailand  Thailand  
australia  Australia newzealand  New Zealand  
austria  Austria belgium  Belgium denmark  Denmark finland  Finland
france  France germany  Germany greece  Greece hungary  Hungary
iceland  Iceland ireland  Ireland italy  Italy luxembourg  Luxembourg
netherlands  Netherlands norway  Norway portugal  Portugal spain  Spain
sweden  Sweden switzerland  Switzerland UK  United Kingdom turkey  Turkey
North & Central America
canada  Canada costarica  Costa Rica dominicanrep  Dominican Rep. jamaica  Jamaica
mexico  Mexico USA  United States  
South America
argentina  Argentina brasil  Brazil chile  Chile ecuador  Ecuador
uruguay  Uruguay venezuela  Venezuela  
Not listed above? Don't worry. We can send items to other countries unlisted above as long as you can pay via PayPal. Please ask us if you would like to check if your items can be sent.
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