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 Are you looking for a good reliable business supplier in Japan?
Urban Shipping Service welcomes business partnership. If you import Japanese goods constantly and are looking for a reliable supplier please feel free to contact us. We purchase your ordered merchandise and send altogether. If you have any courier service please let us know. We also arrange LCL shipping if needed.

Sample goods that we have exported are used auto parts, bicycles, cameras(without battreies), camera accessories, apperel, toys, books and magazines, miscellaneous items, etc.

Please provide us with as much information as possible about the product you want to order. Some useful information would be URLs, the correct name of the product, the maker, a picture and a web reference or whatever you know. More detailed information will be exchanged with you by e-mail about the product you wish to order. The information will help us in getting the right product for you. If the product is available in the Japanese market, we will inform you about the product as well as its price and all other details by email. If you are interested after we provide you with the information, you can order the product from us
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