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Terms and Conditions
 Acceptance of Terms
  1. Please note that "Urban Shipping Service("USS") " reserves the right to modify, change, alter or otherwise or edit these Terms and Conditions or any other services without any notice.
  2. All editorial content and graphics on our website are protected by the copyright. They may not be copied without express permission of "USS ", which reserves all rights.
  3. We will not be responsible or liable for any actions taken, either wholly or in part, based on the information provided on our website, or for any loss, damage, expense or injury resulting from any transactions conducted with any online merchant or other third party listed on our Website.
  4. We will not be responsible or liable for losses or expenses of customers that result from any transactions conducted to provide services.
 Terms of Service
  1. USS provides its service to our customers subject to the following Terms of Condition ("TOC"), which may be updated by us from time to time without notice to you. You can review the most current version of the TOC at any time on this page.
  2. The following terms are defined as stated:
    + "Customer" refers to the persons that acknowledge the Terms of Service and view or use USS's site and its service.
    + "Service" refers to the transaction service we provide for customers.
    + "Sellers" refers to the Yahoo! JAPAN Auctions sellers, Japanese online shops, local markets, wholesalers.
 Purchase of Products
  1. USS initiates a purchasing Service after confirming payments from Customer. This payment usually covers product's price, domestic shipping, bank fee, USS agent fee.
  2. In Auction Service, the payment deadline is within 24 hours before an auction is closed. If there is no payment in the period, the order will be cancelled automatically.
  3. In Shopping Service, the payment deadline is 7 days ( Japan time) after you have received our invoice mail. If there is no payment after 7 days, the order will be cancelled automatically.
  4. In Auction Service, USS may accept a bidding order from Customer if Customer places an order form through our site and make payment usually within 12 hours before the auction is closed.
  1. USS accepts payment by Paypal.
  2. Upon Customer's request, USS accepts payment by bank telegraphic transfer (wire transfer). Usually a transaction amount over 100,000JPY are required or asked to pay via bank wire transfer.
  3. In case of a wire transfer, the amount we receive in our account has to be the same as invoiced amount. Sender must bear all bank transfer fees.
  4. Followings are the components of total payment amount:
    *Item Price
    *Domestic shipping & Bank fee
    *USS agent fee (charged in accordance with Service and Item price)
    *International shipping fee
    *Paypal charge (5%) -charged par Paypal payment.
  5. Basically, two invoices are issued for a purchase. One is issued when USS starts a purchasing process, and the other one is when an international shipping fee becomes known based on the method, size and weights.
  6. We do not accept any transaction such as "Partial payments from different PayPal accounts", "Not making full payments", "Billing address and shipping address from different countries", and other transactions that we assume questionable, not favorable, etc.
  7. No cancellation is accepted after Customers made payment.
 Item Inspection
  1. USS checks every item before forwarding to shipping agents.
    We check followings from the appearance or by looking the descriptions of the item package:
    * Item brand name or item number
    * Quantity
    * Item color
    * Size
    * condition (used items are excluded)
  2. We do not check the followings:
    * If the electronics works or not.
    * Parts or components by dismantling the item
    * Items which are difficult to check, such as a jigsaw puzzle, models and figures parts, etc.
    * Straggling of clothes, missing spangles or line stones.
  3. Damaged packages will not be regarded as “Damaged Item”.
  4. Some items such as used items, jewelry, arts, etc. will be difficult to examine perfectly.
    Please note, we are not responsible for item satisfactions.
 Temporary storage
  1. USS provides the temporary storage option for Customers who wish to buy more products with USS and ship altogether when all items are delivered to USS upon Customer's request.
  2. We keep items up to 1 months. When the storage period of 2 months is passed from the first item arrival to USS, we will have the right to dispose your item.
  3. Items such as food or others that need a special care are not accepted. In addition, we will not compensate for damege or theft of products you order.
  1. USS chooses EMS to send the item to Customer if there is no request specified by Customer.
  2. Customer is responsible for selecting shipping method if they wish to choose another method other than EMS. Also, Customer needs to notify if they wish to buy insurance on the shipping item.
  3. USS usually states a content type a "merchandise" and an item's value "same as its price" (other fees such as bank fee, agent fee, domestic and international shipping fee are excluded.) if no request is given by Customer.
  4. EMS insurance covers up to either the stated item value, or additional insured value which is smaller. Note: Insurance is not applied to some countries and regions.
  1. USS asks Customer to check delivery time and take enough time before entering to the Service. In some cases the parcel may be delayed due to weather, natural disasters, traffic conditions, Customs clearance, and so on.
  2. USS is not responsible for any loss or mental distress caused by delay and other matters during parcel delivery.
  3. There are cases items could be damaged during delivery. In that case, please inform the local postal service, local courier service, and/or USS within 24 hours after receiving your parcel.
  4. Customer may be eligible for compensation if the parcel is regarded as "Damaged during Delivery" by the delivery authority and the insurance company .USS will not be responsible for broken parcels that are not recognized as "Damage during Delivery".
  5. In case of undelivery due to import regulations, confiscation, etc, USS will not be responsible for any refund.
 Duties and Customs
  1. Please check import policies of your country. There are cases duties and taxes are imposed on Customer's parcel.
  2. Customer must bear duties, taxes and/or other charges in order to receive the parcel.
  3. Duty customs regulations, laws, and other import rules vary country to county. It is Customer's responsibility to check with customs or authorities of your country before using our service.
  4. USS will not be responsible or held liable for penalty or confiscation due to items that are prohibited by customs.
 Return and exchange
  1. USS returns or exchanges items if the item is wrong, damaged, obviously different from advertisements on the shop/auction site. This is judged and done by USS before shipping in a sincere manner.
  2. In a case that the Seller does not comply with USS's request, we will notify Customer by email and refund Customer's full deposit by Paypal (Paypal fee may be taken according to your account type).
  3. Neither return nor exchange of goods are accepted at Customer's convenience.
  4. In case of undelivery due to postal service's failure, customers may be eligible for a refund. A refund amount is an item price and an EMS fee, which is stated on a shipping invoice.
  5. Customers are required to check the conditions of products such as damage, defects, wrong side or model, etc and inform us by email to claim for exchange or return within 3 days after you receive the product. There will be no retrun or exchange after the period.
  6. All costs, shipping fees for return and send back, processing fee incurred for exchange or return, and any other charges regarding to return or exchange will be charged to customers.
 Products of Japan
  1. USS cannot gurantee that Customer can use the purchased item in your country.
  2. We will not be responsible for any damages caused by using the items.
  3. The instructions, contents, warnings, etc. of the items are written in Japanese (some list in other languages). Please use the items in your own responsibilities.
  4. Japanese electronic devices are made to be used in Japan. Thus, please use these devices in the same condition or prepare a appropriate shaped plug and right voltage converter.
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